Dog Obedience Schools – Teaching Dogs the Right Way to Behave


Dog obedience schools are located in cities all around the world. The focus of these schools is to teach animals how they need to behave in everyday situations and also teach them basic tricks and commands. They can be very helpful to those owners that can’t control their pet or the situation on their own. Dog obedience schools teach the dogs the right way to behave and how to act even when no command is given.

Schools start by first focusing on any negative, bad or dangerous behavior the dog may exhibit. The dog who bites or snaps at its owner, refuses to use the bathroom outside or even snapping at other animals are all examples of behavior that needs to be addressed. Only once that behavior is addressed can the schools focus on the other things.

Most schools believe in using positive reinforcement to teach simple tricks and commands. Take for example the dog that needs to learn how to stay. Instead of telling the dog to stay and expecting it to follow that command, the trainer starts out slowly. The trainer tells the animal to stay and holds up one hand. How to teach dog to roll over Every time the dog moves, he or she holds up another hand and repeats the command. When the dog stops moving, it gets a treat. Slowly the dog learns that when it follows that command, it will get a treat as a reward. Schools frequently use this method for teaching other tricks and commands including roll over, beg and sit.

Those who get easily frustrated or don’t have the time to work one on one with their pet should look into dog obedience schools. Often times individuals simply can’t teach their dog basic commands because they don’t have the time necessary to do so. It isn’t something that can be taught in one night or even one weekend of work, but rather several sessions over a period of time. Most trainers have experience in the field and know how to work with pets, which isn’t something that most untrained people have or know.

Dog obedience schools can be found in a number of places including the phone book and through many chain pet stores. Those looking for one of these schools should call ahead of time and schedule an appointment since most are first come, first served.

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