Giving Your Dog That Little Bit of Style With a Designer Dog Collar


OK – so you need a dog collar to suit your dog. It can be just as simple as a blue collar for a dog and a pink collar for a bitch, but why not try blending the collar to suit your dog’s breed and personality? After all, it will be the one garment that they can wear all day long. Choosing the right one can make it all the more important.

All dogs are different: different in size, breed and type, so to make a real impression, consider the colours which will match your dog’s fur and shape. However, Copper kettle¬†you can go further than this and judge your dog’s individuality; if he’s always finding the water and muddy puddles an aquatic theme could be a good choice!

Your dog’s size can also be a big factor in your decision. For example, a stockier dog such as Dobermans, Bull Terriers and Boxers can look great in a military/camouflage garment that reflects their power. A smaller lap dog like the Chihuahua can look more at home in a diamond encrusted ensemble.

You could look back in history and consider the job that your dog may have been intended for. Collies were bred for sheep-herding so a collar with a sheep on could be very fitting. Meanwhile, a dog bred for more dangerous occupations such as guarding may benefit from a skull and crossbones emblem as a warning to potential intruders.

It can be an entertaining task finding a suitable collar for your faithful friend, as well as a real conversational piece at the park.

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