How to Wash Your Cat


Cats are generally clean animals and tend to clean themselves effectively most times. However, there are those times where the cat can’t clean itself due to the strong smell of some liquids. But the task of cleaning a cat can be tedious since most cats don’t enjoy being wet or in water. Remember not to be forceful with the cat because this causes trauma.

Since water scares most cats you might be able to save yourself some time by using bath wipes.

If bathing is necessary make sure you have the bathroom prepared before bringing the cat inside to avoid trauma. Have the water ready, soap ready, towel, etc… Be sure to cut his nails just in case you get scratched and make sure that you have on clothes that you don’t mind getting wet. Make sure to stay calm as this will help keep the cat calm while you are washing him. You may even want to talk to your cat to keep him comfortable. Copper kettle¬†After giving him a quick wash make sure to full dry him off and reward him with a treat so he doesn’t think of baths as a punishment. Just make sure you do the process fast and the cat will eventually get used to taking baths.

If your cat is bigger or you have trouble holding him still while washing you may want to consider having a friend or family member help you with the task. The easiest method is one person holds the cat while the other quickly washes, rinses, and dries.

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