The Best Bowling Balls – How to Know What You Are Looking For


Sometimes you will find good deals on bowling balls–but are they the best bowling balls? There is what has been called: “a structural revolution” taking place here. Manufacturers improve upon bowling balls constantly, trying to create, and develop the best bowling balls.

Historically, bowling balls were made of lignum vitae, which is an incredibly hard wood. As you know now, obviously, those are not the bowling balls that would qualify as the very best bowling balls.

There were actually bowling balls that were, at one time in the early 20th century, made of rubber. They were called the evertrue. These were now the best bowling balls available back then. Hard rubber mineralite bowling balls really were the best bowling balls until the late 20th century.

Polyester balls then took over as the best bowling balls, once again, showing the development being made to one day create the best bowling balls ever. And we are getting closer and closer.

The first major change in the designs that developed into the bowling balls best bowling ball for a stroker we have today was the introduction of the best bowling balls yet, made of polyester. Ten years later, balls made of urethane were the best bowling balls because of their new and improved design. It was later discovered that urethane made very good coverstock for maintaining your ball.

Using a technical design, the best bowling balls were created by their manufacturers. They say that the “core design” is the key. Computer software is an essential part of improving bowling balls to make the very best. With technology and design, the entire world has made enormous changes–not excluding the quest to create the best bowling balls ever!

There are of course, development specifications. Most manufacturers have a goal (aside from money) to make more standardized bowling equipment, merchandise, and accessories. The current regulations require a diameter somewhere between 8.500 and 8.595.

All bowling balls, not only the best bowling balls, are required to meet certain standards and receive approval by the ABC (American Bowling Congress) after being examined carefully by experts.

All of the best bowling balls you will find will certainly fit the criteria for an excellent ball. If you want to shop for the best bowling balls, the most durable and dependable. Do not waste valuable time–just look around online and you will be happy you did.

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